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With the creation of World Wide Galleries, we have created a label that focuses on screening galleries and exhibition opportunities for emerging artists. The aim of this label is to provide a select group of trustworthy and professional galleries and art exhibitions that offer effective added value and a safe form of exhibition, especially for artists who are new to the industry. 


The WWG label is only awarded on the condition of strict requirements to guarantee the best possible exhibition opportunities and to completely exclude any form of fraud against art creators. Look out for the WWG label on the websites of art exhibitions and galleries or find a listing of all awarded galleries and exhibitions here: 

WWG label


with WWG label

with WWG label


Application for the WWG label

Would you like to apply for the WWG label as a gallery or exhibition? We are looking forward to receiving your written application and a complete portfolio of your active exhibition/gallery activities as well as your targeted promotion of emerging artists by e-mail to


After receipt of your letter, your application will be examined and you will be informed in writing about the further procedure. 

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